The Quackening

The WWI chap isn’t quite finished, but it’s literally just a matter of one more element, then he can go on the base and it’ll be done. That single element is the exterior frame for the window – as you can see, the glass is in place, and I’m really very pleased with how it came out:


It’s just a piece of acetate with a hole punched through and some lines scored on (with the back of a fresh scalpel blade), and then I washed it with a pale grey/beige (VMC silver grey, in this case). When that was dry, I rubbed a bit of the paint off until I was happy with it, and there you have it: the fact that there’s not much behind it gets disguised, and you can still see the bottles, which helps carry the narrative.

Of course, with the soldier in front, it’s not like you’ll see much of it anyway…

So, on with the ducks. To start with, I added the mandarin’s feet and attached him to the bulrushes, and he’s now sitting across from me with the acetate in place, waiting for the PVA to dry so I can ruin the model successfully add the water effects.


Apologies for the lack of focus, but the camera really wasn’t cooperating.

With the mandarin in place, I thought I’d crack on with a few more ducks, so now I also have a ringed teal and a magpie duck. The ringed teal is a favourite of my wife – they’re very small ducks with pink feet and they waddle with tiny steps.

I’ve also started converting more of them. I recently bought ten packs of the ducks from Industria Mechanika, which means I have forty or so to work with. They should see me through a few months, at least.

EDIT: Just remembered that I hadn’t posted the pirate to Putty and Paint yet – so now he’s up. Give him a vote if you’re that way inclined.

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