Le Canard – Vins et Fromages

The WWI chap’s base is finally nearing completion. I finally buckled down and added the last bits of detail – some fallen bricks and the extra bits around the window – cracked out my crappy airbrush to put some colour and light down quickly, and then set to finishing up most of the painting.

I still need to finish off with some pigments and fill in the hole where I used to have the soldier standing (he was just a little too close to the window, and the shopfront was blocking the view to his a back more than I’d like), and then add the glass and some external framing, but otherwise he’s pretty much good to go. He’ll definitely be ready for Euro in a few weeks.

So, with him out of the way, I’ll be able to focus on Project Ducks. To this end, I had a go with the two-part water effect, and the results are much more pleasing. I also used acetate, super glue and PVA for the dam, and they worked fantastically. Really sharp edges, clear surfaces and no leakage whatsoever. I also put a little paint down to see if it would leach into the water and it didn’t, which bodes well. I’ll probably still gloss the areas that get water effects, of course.

On the downside, however, the two-part resin does shrink quite a lot, which results in quite a rim to fill in. I thought I’d see how the Vallejo water worked for that (it’s obviously simpler to work with) and it was pretty terrible – as you may be able to see, it ended up with some weird sort of crackling and the layers are really visible. It also shrank a lot and, if it had worked, would have needed a few more layers to level it out.

Anyway, I think I’ve now figured out the best ways of doing it, so hopefully I won’t cock up and ruin the mandarin duck when it happens…

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