I paint. I enjoy painting. I’m not completely awful at it.

I began this site for a couple of reasons:

  1. Forums are dying off, which is a real tragedy in my eyes. For a number of years, they were the places people new to the hobby would get advice and feedback on their work, and hope to improve their skills. The recent replacements – largely Facebook and Instagram – don’t really provide the same opportunities. Engagement is superficial; likes and short comments are pretty meaningless if you want to improve.
  2. Photobucket decided to change its terms of service so I needed somewhere to store my pictures¬†so that I can continue to post them on forums. I’ll still probably cross-post stuff to Facebook and the like (I’m not a complete luddite, after all), but I don’t trust them to maintain the quality of my pictures, or to hold onto them indefinitely.

Anyway, aside from painting, I’m a writer. I’m a better writer than I am a painter, and, as a technical writer, I get reasonably well paid to write really tedious things. Every now and then I publish some fiction that I’m actually proud of, but that’s outside of work. As I say, the stuff I write during the day is really much, much less exciting than it sounds, and it doesn’t sound very exciting at all.