Autopsy continues

The autopsy continues, and quite productively. I was treating this model as something that would end up a flawed work and I probably wouldn’t take it to any shows, but today a lot of it came together. In particular, I’d been having issues with the larger pustules, but I decided to try to make them actually quite different from the smaller ones, which had been working quite well.

It turns out that was quite a good decision.


I also added a brand, and then blasted through most of the rest of the piece, and now he’s almost finished. The cushions on the gurney were especially enjoyable, because I wanted a lot of texture to them, which meant that I didn’t need to blend anything: lots of rough brushstrokes and stippling, with a bit of glazing to bring it all together. Just the gurney itself to finish off now.

I’ll be at Figureworld in Oundle next weekend, which is where I buy about half my plinths each year and I’ll be hoping to find a good one for this piece. I think I just need one the right shape for this and suitable for a coat of black. A plinth with interesting colours or textures would be wasted here.


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