Autopsy in progress

The current project I’m working on is a bust from Mr Lee’s Minis, sculpted by the excellent Oleksandr Bilibov (who is more recently responsible for a fantastic totally-not-Skeletor bust commissioned by my friend Martin). It’s a bit of an odd one, being just a guy with some sort of really bad flu, or something.

I’d realised that his arms were drawn in against the torso, which I thought looked like his arms were bound, so I went with that and came up with a basic sort of scene for a bust I’m inclined to call ‘Autopsy’.

It’s still obviously a work in progress, and he refuses to photograph particularly well, but I’m quite pleased with all the colour in the skin and how that works against the pustules and the tentacle sticking out of his mouth. The eye in his forehead also needs a bit more done to it, and plenty of ooze added all over the place.

He should be deliciously awful when he’s done.

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