Figureworld 2017

I am just returned from Figureworld, which is a nice little show I head to every year run by the guys who used to run the Basement forum. It’s in Oundle, which is a ridiculously named market town near Peterborough. Peterborough isn’t really worth seeing (except, perhaps, for the pretty magnificent cathedral), but Oundle is reasonably famous as a picturesque English town.

Figureworld is not a competition, just somewhere that people get their models out to show them off, go shopping and chat with friends. I usually go with a couple of shopping objectives (i.e. buy more plinths), take a couple of my latest models, and see who’s about. It’s a pretty chilled event.

Because it’s not a competition, there are people from across the skill spectrum who bring their work, right from people who are just beginning through to acknowledged masters. You also get to see pieces that you might not normally see at competitions – this year, for instance, I saw some naval flats, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before (unfortunately, they were behind glass and I couldn’t get anything approaching a decent shot of them).

Some highlights:



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