I am not a good sculptor

As many have heard me say over the years, I do not like sculpting. I am not a good sculptor. I would rather pluck out my toenails than sculpt most of the time. Sometimes, however, this is not an option. Sometimes I have a Good Idea. I made just such a mistake with Frank von Stein.

Frank is what I call a Space Nazi monster of sorts. You’ve probably seen him before – he’s a popular piece from Terrible Kids Stuff. Anyway, I had the brilliant idea that he’d look good in an American setting. Then I thought Washington DC. Then I thought of the Great Emancipator. Now I’m forced to sculpt. Who knew that even tourist tat of Abe Lincoln was hideously expensive?


Anyway, this is where I am. Abe only needs a little hair and some beating up, and then we’ll have the head of the Abe Lincoln memorial at Frank’s feet.

I have great ideas sometimes, but I am a terrible sculptor.

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