Vikings and Greeks

I’ve been working on a small duel based on Skyrim. I’m a big fan of large-scale, open world RPGs, and I’m also a fan of vikings, so it’s really a great game for me. The idea came about when I saw the Argonauts that JoeK Minis was making for Odyssey (full disclosure: I write all the narrative and concept elements for Odyssey, so I might have a slight bias), and they really struck me as looking a lot like the Dwemer constructs. So I went and found a (tiny) viking figure from Hasslefree Miniatures based on Lagertha from Vikings (one of my favourite characters on TV at the moment).

Anyway, long story short, here’s where I’ve got with them:

Lagertha is basically done, and as you can see, I’ve started on the construct’s legs. Still quite a way to go. They’ll be facing off down a Dwemer corridor something like this:


I really like the symmetry of their poses, which should be accentuated by the base I’m planning.

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