A variety of scales

This week, it seems I’ve been working in a whole range of different scales – from the very large flat down to a teeny-tiny 32mm-scale schoolgirl. Not that this is a particular indicator of excellent progress – everything is still a bit rough and isn’t coming across well in the photos, but oh, well.

So, first up, progress on the halberdier:


As you can see, he’s come along quite a way, although much of that is rough and difficult to read properly. The orange, in particular, has caused me grief. There were about four attempts at it before this, and I’m now inclined to leave it there. I might hit some higher spots on it, though, it make it look silkier, but the general gist is as it will be.

The helmet is the most recent part, and it looks considerably better in the hand. I think I need to go back in with some black ink to improve the coverage, as too much of it is just a sort of muddy blue at the moment.

Beyond that, it’s really only his frilly shirt collar, the halberd and the dirt, and then he’ll be ready for mounting. I’m thinking of a pretty tight frame for this one, as he’s already sort of spread out, and giving too much space around him will make the frame both massive and astonishingly empty.

Up next, some heels for Lady Gaga:

There’s obviously not a lot of change here, except that she now appears to have ice skates. Those are just blocks of sculptiboard that will form the core of the platforms. This should make sure they’re equal heights, which can be a little problematic when only one foot is really in contact with the ground.

I am, of course, petrified at the idea of sculpting her hair. I have a sort of plan for it, but we’ll have to see how that works out.

Finally, the tiny creepy schoolgirl:


This is really just a bit of fun with a slight purpose. My old wargaming club has started having an annual tournament/get together, which I obviously can’t attend (I mean, I guess it’s technically possible for me to fly around the world for a weekend of beer and Warhammer, but that doesn’t seem the most fiscally responsible thing to do) so I instead provide some trophies and prizes.

Last year, I sort of cleaned out all the old stuff I’m not too attached to anymore, so this year I’m making a custom trophy, which will feature this wee sweetheart. I’ll chuck some other stuff in the package, too, just to make the postage worthwhile. Anyway, she won’t take much longer, so expect finished pics in the next update.

In other news, I’ll be attending Iron Skull down in London in a couple of weeks, which should be interesting. If I’m honest, I’m not expecting much from the show – it seems to have positioned itself as a painting competition aligned with wargaming, much like Golden Demon and Salute, so I expect to see a lot of last year’s Golden Demon entries and stuff like that. I also don’t really have anything new to take, so I’ll just drag along a couple of older pieces and see how they do.

Martin is, of course, taking everything he’s painted for the last six years (yes, the minotaur is apparently attending – just in case you somehow hadn’t seen it yet).

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