Not dirty enough

The Occitan knight is now basically complete. I could leave him in this state and happily take him to shows, but I want to make him look more like he’s living in the midst of a siege. To that end, I’ll be adding dust, dirt, little scrapes and so on. In the meantime, here he is all clean and sort of shiny:

Actually putting his arms on wasn’t quite as simple as I’d hoped. Somewhere between doing a test fit before I painted him and now, his shield arm decided that it no longer wanted to slot into place, so I had to fill a bit of a gap in his upper arm and sculpt in some chainmail. Thankfully, the chainmail as sculpted here isn’t insanely detailed, so I just had to poke some putty a bit to make it work.

The shield itself I decided to paint with a fair bit of texture, which had a couple of advantages:

  1. It makes it look like it’s seen some use. If not stopping swords and arrows, perhaps bashing people in the face.
  2. It made it really quick to paint. Large flat surfaces like shields can take a lot of effort to blend, especially if it’s aligned roughly vertically, as it is here. A textured surface doesn’t need that sort of perfection, so you can get through it a lot faster.

The final highlights are still a little harsh, but I’m hoping the dust and scratches will sort that out. I may also glaze in some extra tones to smooth it over a touch.

Also, I am now very sick of crosses.

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