A brobningnagian update of astonishing malarkey

The onslaught of inspiration continues, and I’ve managed to knock out a few pieces in relatively short order, most of which have featured here as in-progress works.

First up, the finished whio for commission:

I’m very happy with how this came out in the end – I think it improves upon the original in a number of ways. The client is also happy with the pictures and asked for a couple more pieces, so they’ll be turning up here in the coming weeks.

I also finished off Aeon, who is also now up on Putty and Paint, if you’re inclined to vote.

(Can I also just point out now how much I hate the new WordPress gallery widget? In order to stop the last image being bizarrely inflated – rather than the first one, which is actually a larger image – I have to set these up as two separate galleries, because for some reason I can’t actually instruct it to either make all images the same size or to pick the image that gets embiggened. Bah.)

I’ve also been working on another commission (same person who ordered the ducks), which will feature a wee hound and a fish:

Not to be stopped there, I’ve also started a side project painting up casts of hobo nickels all with the theme of ‘death’ or something. I bought five of them, but we’ll see how many I do before I get sick of them. The first one is basically complete and just needs a little tidying and varnish to finish. The second is one of the hardest pieces to photograph properly that I’ve ever come across. Hopefully it’ll get easier once more of the black gets covered.

Painting these is like training yourself to go blind, but it’s also weirdly enjoyable. The one on the left was painted with La Marianne in mind, hence there are red, white and blue elements; the native American skull’s war bonnet is based on a Cherokee one I found online, which seemed to have the closest match to the design of the bonnet itself.

But wait, there’s more! Adventures with astronauts continue with this piece, which I’m calling ‘THE QUACK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH’.

Just as I enjoyed playing with scale with the first couple of these, I’ve now gone to the other extreme and depicted a giant astronaut riding a brobdingnagian duck over the ruins of a puny human city in the far future. May none of us live long enough to witness such horrors.

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