The tragedy of waiting

As you’ve probably seen, Trevor – or, to use his full title, Chairman Trevor Goodchild of Bregna – is finished, and I’m very happy with the result. I even managed to get the plaques made and delivered (more excellent work from Name It Plates – seriously, give them your business), and it does look spiffy.

The plaque itself is shiny on matte aluminium, so it doesn’t photograph terribly well except from specific angles:

This is the logo from the start of Aeon Flux – a fly trapped in Aeon’s eyelashes. It’s a pretty iconic image, and I think the finish ties in well with the model itself.

And here’s the finished Trevor, in all his shininess:

He’s also now up on Putty and Paint, so do go over and give him a vote if you feel like it.

Up next was supposed to be Fox Jupiter from the same range, but she’s sadly proven quite popular and is currently out of stock. Mr Lee’s (hopefully reliably) informs me that a new batch is winging its way to the UK at the moment, so hopefully I won’t have to wait too long.

This brings me to one of my other projects, which ended up on hold while I got engrossed by Trevor. I previously posted a cryptic WIP of the beginnings of the sculpt over on Facebook, but it’s now come along quite a bit and is worth showing off.

Still a bit of refinement to do on the fur, but you should get the gist. This is obviously going to be paired with another of the astronauts, and another scene playing around with scale. In fact, the cat’s face here is about the same size as a kitten, so I could argue that it’s not even a miniature.

This also reminded me of a project I’ve thought about a lot – doing models of remarkable insects, which would technically be larger than real life, albeit still small. That particular idea came up when I first came across an image of this wee blighter: a bagworm moth, which builds twisting pyramids of sticks on its back. Of course, this would, again, be a project that requires me to sculpt (although in this case, granted, most of it could be made from actual sticks)…

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