Ducks of all feathers

Last week’s post was by far the most successful I’ve had. In fact, I think it may equal every other post combined. It turns out there’s an extremely active forum for historical painters over in the US (Timelines), who were all very, very eager to see pictures from SMC. 8,000 hits later, somehow I haven’t run out of bandwidth.

Anyway, since then, I’ve done a little bit more with the ducks, and now I have a respectably growing set of quackers, much to my wife’s delight. First up, a pair of ringed teal, which I think I mentioned previously. The plant is a paper fescue from Green Line, I believe. I’m very pleased with how that came out, and the ducks look pretty good, too.

I’ve also finished off the magpie duck, although I think I may yet add some dry grass to keep the basing interesting:


And finally a pair of ‘celebrity’ ducks that my wife follows on Facebook. If you’re interested, they even have a website: Dusty and Otter Duck. I’m told that Dusty (the white duck) is a tufted pekin and Otter is a cayuga. I’ll probably do a couple of male cayugas in the future, as they’re a really lovely glossy green.


Dusty especially loves mud, as you may be able to see.

So, with this batch done, behold the current horde:


Obviously I still need to make a couple of nameplates, but hopefully you can see the sort of direction I’m going with the project.

Up next will be a small family of scaups, which are pretty adorable diving ducks, and set of three very serious Dutch hookbills. This is a breed I only came across recently, but they always look hilariously dour. Viz:


This duck has had enough of your shit.

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