A great piratical rumbustification

Once again I begin by assuring you that the WWI piece has not been forgotten. By way of proof, I offer the nearly completed build of the base – the plasticard is in place on the back and side, and I’ve tidied up the rough edge with some extra bricks in milliput. It turns out my wall was slightly wonky, so I had to fill that out a touch. Note to self for the future: build more wall than you need.


Up next will be adding a little extra around the window itself and some rubble on top, and then it’ll be ready for painting.

On the side, however, I’ve made a fair bit of progress on the cursed pirate. It turns out that the crackle paint basically disappeared under the undercoat and a couple of layers of paint, so that’s a lesson for you: if you want the crackle to be visible after you paint it, you need to use quite a thick layer. Still, the overall image is working pretty well:

I’m really pleased with how his face has come out, and while the torso is pretty rough, I think it works. I was also happy with the freehand – along with the purple-black cracks, the tattoos have come out quite nicely. I didn’t bother taking a shot from behind because the unpainted hat dominates, but he has the edge of a treasure map tattooed on back there.

My buddy Martin has been painting the same bust (I bought him a copy at the same time so we could compare our takes), and he’s actually looking like he’ll finish it before me. This would be a truly remarkable achievement: Martin typically paints one model per year, so I normally finish four or five (or ten) before he finishes one. Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets.

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