Figureworld 2018

Another year, another Figureworld, and once again it was nice quick show to catch up with people, enjoy Oundle (which really is very pretty) and go shopping for plinths.

I don’t tend to order my plinths online, not least because I like to see the actual woodgrain, but also because I buy a lot of them prospectively – for pieces that I don’t know about yet. From that perspective, I find it’s nice to get a mix of narrower plinths that will force me to constrain the scene, broader ones for larger pieces or small scenes, a few angled plinths for busts, and so on.

Anyway, I doubt anyone cares all that much about my shopping habits, and you’re just here for the pretty pictures. The lighting in the hall was a little rough, it must be said, so half the models had the sun streaming in a window behind them, which made it difficult to get decent shots. Equally, the ones facing into the sun are a little washed out. If I was a serious photographer, I’d probably figure out some way to fix this. If anyone knows an easy fix (either on the camera or after the fact), I’d be keen to hear.

Anyway, the goodies:


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